Digital Conversion

In this digital world the need of the hour is not “just content” but “SMART content”

At mSourcing we design, convert, repurpose, manage, and make the content discoverable. Our services on Digital conversion primarily involve conversion of print material to electronic format. Our experts remodel the content for electronic distribution by converting them to structured formats such as XML, SGML, and HTML.  We have skilled professionals and experts who are well-versed in converting content from any input format to various digital formats that are compatible on a variety of platforms and devices such as smart phones, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Mobipocket, e-reader, tablets.

Our Digital Conversion services include:

  • Enhanced eBook
  • ePub2/ePub 3/Mobi Conversion
  • Flash to HTML5 Conversion
  • XML/SGML/HTML Conversion
  • Comprehensive P2E and E2E conversion
  • Digital artwork conversion
  • ePDF
  • Section 508 compliance ebooks/epdf


Digital Conversion helps augment the sheer power of content by making it available in ways most appropriate to the changing technology!